A Review of Leslie Jamison’s The Empathy Exams: Essays

After reading A Review of Leslie Jamison’s The Empathy Exams: Essays, I’m interested in learning about how myself & others participate in the world. According to the Gallup Clifton Strength Finder assessment, empathy is one of strongest professional abilities. However, it maybe beneficial to question how I have become empathetic, how to use empathy more effectively, and learn empathy scenarios which I could come across in the future. Perhaps the book may answer questions, such as, can empathy be coached? As an aspiring HR professional, I think I have to add this book to the queue of 2015 reads.

To expect The Empathy Exams to equip me with a deeper sense of humanity is to expect a lot from a book—maybe too much. Still, I found myself staring at the words but not understanding them—instead, wracking my brain for something of solace to offer this man. The Empathy Exams is not a practical guide on how to live an empathetic life, but an intellectual exploration of the subject from a range of angles. My wanting to act with compassion and empathy was a byproduct of excellent writing



Troopto: A Group Funding Platform for Workplace Gifts

The HR Partner @ HRO Partners

Recently I sat down with Andrew Goei, founder of a group funding Start-up called Troopto. During our interview we discussed Troopto’s business model and Andrew’s unique outlook on business that has shaped his organization. This is the first of a two part blog series that will highlight Troopto and then describe my interview with Andrew. 

What is Troobar_graph_conference_400_clr_5943pto you might ask? Well imagine this scenario. It is a co-worker’s birthday and the entire office has decided to celebrate the occasion by pitching in to purchase a gift-card and house an in-office celebration. The only problem is collecting the funds. It isn’t that people don’t want to contribute, rather it is people don’t have cash on them, work remotely, or are even out on vacation. So the funds don’t get collected and the aforementioned birthday bash never comes to light all because there isn’t an easier way to pool office funds together. Well Troopto, a start-up and recent graduate…

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Memo: Apple HR head Denise Young-Smith announces major enhancements to employee benefits

Apple continues to lead the way with innovative benefits for their employees!

“Your work is vital, but your happiness and well-being are what will bring true success.” – Denise

Work/life balance; “…satisfaction and good functioning at work and at home with a minimum of role conflict” – S. Clark

Researchers have correlated balance between work and life with an increase of productivity and decrease in absenteeism. Achieving this balance is greatly influenced by the employee’s organization. Research has also suggested that informal means of support, such as emotional support from a supervisor, has more of an impact than formal means. Therefore, organizations should implement supportive policies to promote work life balance and consider creating an emotionally supportive environment in order to benefit from the balance.

The matter in which the employee’s perceive the environment needs to be taken into account. Simply having policies will not have a significant effect unless the employees can connect with the policies and feel confident in taking advantage of the policies. For example, organizations or supervisors that penalize employees for changing their schedules will not reap the benefits of implementing this type of work life balance strategy.

Work/Life Balance

  • Childcare Assistance
  • Alternative Work Schedule
  • Mentoring Programs
  • Training (Self-care & leadership development)
  • Open Communication/Supportive Environment

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