Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement has become one of the biggest topics in HR today based on the affects engagement has on measurable business outcomes. Having an engaged workforce increases the following:

  • Productivity
  • Customer Service
  • Productivity
  • Job Satisfaction

Connecting employees emotions to the mission and values of the company can only enhance the purpose of the company. How can companies accomplish and maintain a personal connect with their employees?

Communication and personalizing the on-boarding experience assists in making employee’s feel connected.  Clearly informing employees about their job expectations to company resources helps to establish a strong rapport with employees. Highlighting the importance of the companies’ services and the effects it has on the community grabs employee’s attentions. Relating the effects the company can have on an employee’s personal life can really help to get and keep them engaged. Whether the company provides peaks such as gym facility with trainers to the company making products which makes the lives of the employee’s easier. Each company has to customize their process of connecting and engaging with their employees because there are a lot of factors that can go into connecting with a person. The culture, the location, the personality types, etc.


4 ways to recruit top talent for your organization using unique perks

Ceridian - Transforming Human Capital Management

employee perksBy Howard Tarnoff, SVP of Customer Success, Ceridian

One of your primary responsibilities as an employer is to make sure your employees are happy at all times. Different companies do this in different ways – for some, the approach is to give people the biggest possible salary, while others focus on more intangible elements like creating an exceptional corporate culture. In either event, keeping people happy is essential, both in recruiting and as a way of maintaining employee engagement.

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