Employee’s Refusing to Perform Duties?

While visiting the Hr C-Suite website, a HR resource sit, I came across an article entitled, The Situation Room: Refusal to Carry Out Orders. This article set up a scenario of an employee refusing to following a new protocol for religious reasons. Then the article asked the following:

What is the first thing you should do?

  • A. Fire the employee for insubordination
  • B. Evaluate an accommodation solution
  • C. Throw the employee in jail
  • D. Ignore the situation, it will go away

The article use the Kim Davis case as a real world scenario. I think it is important to note in the public sector, employees must understand the goals and be aligned with the objectives of the organization. In the public sector you have to be able to separate church from state. Religious beliefs do influence political moves but ultimately the law seeks to treat all people equally regardless of religion. The gay-marriage case has been pending for years now. If the employee is so strongly based in church that they couldn’t prepare themselves and/or can’t separate themselves for the overall goals of the organization then they probably should seek employment in an organization that is aligned with their strong beliefs. I’m curious to know how evaluating an accommodation solution would work in this situation. I am an advocate for compromise but there doesn’t seem to be any grey area in this matter. Any thoughts?