5 tips for engaging the ‘Generation Y’ employees among your ranks

In addition to the 5 tips presented in these article, I want to add key trends discovered and presented in the 2nd Edition Generations at Work by Ron Zemke, Claire Raines, and Bob Filipczak. The most frequent requests of the “Y” Generation (as a group I agree with this list) based on group focus are as follows:

  • Help us learn
  • Believe in us
  • Tune into our technology
  • Connect us
  • Let us make it on our own
  • Tell us how we are doing
  • Be approachable
  • Plug into our parents
  • Be someone we can believe in

Most of these request manifest into some of the guidelines provided in the article. Keeping these requests in mind can help organization effectively use their Generation Y workforce.

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5 tips for engaging the 'Generation Y' employees among your ranksAs technology evolves over time and the workforce begins to skew younger, it’s inevitable that companies’ strategies for managing their talent must adapt to stay up to date. Many of today’s employees are from a different generation – it’s one that’s not only younger but more independent and brings higher expectations for workplace technology.

It’s vital that human capital management keep pace. This is especially the case now that members of “Generation Y” – the term loosely used to describe those born after 1980 – continue to trickle into the workforce. Many of these employees are accustomed to working in high-tech ways that eschew the traditional “pen and paper” approach. Whereas older employees may be used to notes and file folders, the younger generation often prefers solutions that are mobile and cloud-powered. It’s an entirely new way of doing business.

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3 tips for looking beyond perks and truly building up employee engagement

Employee engagement has been a topic that I have been interested in for years now. My interest in employee engagement has been one of the reasons why I decided to study Industrial/Organization Psychology. Most of my graduate projects and internships projects all relate back to encourage employees to have a connection with their work/workplace. Therefore, I wanted to share this article as it gives some sight on techniques that can be beneficial for organizations.

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3 tips for looking beyond perks and truly building up employee engagementThe positive effect that employee engagement has on employee productivity is generally understood and agreed upon. But often, HR leaders are divided about what exactly they should do to elevate engagement. For example – if you offer your staff members free lunch one day, that will certainly raise their spirits, but is that the same thing as increasing engagement? If there’s a difference, what should you be doing better?

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4 handy tips for managers seeking to advance in their careers

These 4 tips are something everyone should consider when seeking to advance their career. Organizations promoting a continuous learning culture are having these discussions with managers as well as all direct reports. It fosters open communication, skill development, and a more positive work environment.

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4 handy tips for managers seeking to advance in their careers

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