4 steps toward making ‘culture fit’ part of your talent management process

Culture fit is an important aspect to consider when selecting employees. The best candidate on paper may not always be the strongest candidate for a particular position. This article below did a good job explaining this concept.

Ceridian - Transforming Human Capital Management

culture fitEvery company wants to build a staff that’s highly engaged and productive, but as some HR leaders are beginning to discover, that doesn’t always mean they should put together the most productive people possible through brute force. It’s not always a matter of crunching the numbers and calculating who can get the most done – there are other aspects to consider.

Increasingly, employers these days are thinking about the concept of “culture fit” and how it affects productivity in the workplace. It’s important for organizations to have people on board who mesh well with the rest of the staff – many talent management leaders are weighing this factor as they handle everything from recruitment services to engagement of existing employees.

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