How to immediately impress people at your new job

I thought this was an interesting article from an HR stand point. Effectively on-boarding new employees directly impact the botttom-line of the company. Decreasing the time-to-productivity ratio is an essential part to organizational efficiency.

Financial Post | Business

You might go into a new job thinking you’ll take charge in just a few days. But it actually takes the average manager 21 months to transition from a cost to the company to an asset, according to the Corporate Executive Board.

That is, it takes almost two years for most managers to become competent leaders who don’t need much supervision from their own boss.

Northwestern University professor William White says that his experience has shown him that this applies to not just managers, but employees of all levels. He teaches that a “power onboarding” plan created in between jobs can cut that path to leadership down to just around nine months.

In his Coursera class “Power Onboarding,” which we selected as one of our top free online courses to take this fall, White explains the process necessary to transition smoothly and effectively.

He says that ideally…

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