Sharing an Introductory Video on 360 Feedback

12 Manage shared a video with me about 360 feedback that I wanted to also share….

Of course, with every management tool you have to be aware of the gray areas or the areas that could possibly damage the efforts of the tool. Receiving feedback from all sources involved in your job function (supervisors, co-workers, consumers, etc.) sounds like an great concept because ideally you are able to get a holistic review of your performance; however, the feedback would be too harsh, inaccurate, dishonest, etc. Giving constructive criticism is a skill in itself. Therefore, the weight of the views shouldn’t fall to heavily on all sources. What if the 360 Feedback tool were linked to promotions and salary rises in your company? We would love to think that our co-workers would support and give honest feedback. The reality of the situation is that this opens a space for co-workers to negatively effect your promotion.

12 Manage: The Executive Fast Track is a great resource to have to for those interested in managing the workplace.


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