15 Minutes of “Sane” – Improve Mental Health & Productivity


During my HR:Talent Management internship, I started to feel a little overwhelmed with managing my projects, supporting my director’s projects, maintaining my daily responsibilities, as well as, thoughts about school projects and household tasks. My supervisor gave me some self-management advice that has stuck with me ever since. Of course, she called the technique something completely different; however, I thought my 15 Minutes of “Sane” was more suitable for work/lifestyle.

15 Minutes of “Sane”

When you have become all settled in for your day at work, take about 15 minutes to plan out the tasks and events for the day. Make a mental list or an actual list of things to do based on priority. Then block out time slots in MS Outlook during the time when you are going to accomplish the list of things.

Ex. 9:30- 10:30: Research Best Practices of Diversity & Inclusion Management

This method really helped me to clear my mind of all distractions and to remain focused on the designated task at hand. In MS Outlook, you can also list notes like “Email/ Call Terrence Lucky about his company’s Best Diversity Practices”. Sometimes my time was cut short because I was pulled into a meeting or had to support the HR department on a project. However, I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I look back on my day to visually see I devoted significant time to the major tasks.

After reading Improve Productivity — Become a Self Management Ninaj, a post about managing your time at work, I wanted to share my method to my sanity. Those first 15 minutes of the day provide me with improved mental health (reducing my stress, clouded vision, and negative energy) and improved my productivity. What do you do with your first 15 minutes at work?


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