Does Lying Really Increase Productivity?


Today, I happened to stumble upon an HR Article which encouraged dishonesty in the workplace. Using a mother’s development style and psychoanalyst terminology to supportive lying to employees.

Baby says ba and mom, clapping her hands in delight, says good baby! Ballllllll.

Encouraging your team and pushing them to reach their full potential is obviously a positive strategy. However, lying about the success of your employees or team could cause more damage than anything else. What happens if the employees see directly through your “positive distortion” and ” positive affective coloration”? You will then create an environment of distrust which decreases morale and productivity. Using a child development example to support the development of adult employees seems a little far fetched to me. Interesting perceptive but risky behavior.

Read article by clicking the link below

The HR Lie That Increases Productivity


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