I/O Psychology Study Abroad Program: Corporate Social Responsibility and Organizational Capacity Building Project

I just found a video on a Ukrainian news channel recently. I participated in a project that worked with Ukrainian non-profit organizations on organizational capacity building and draft a new project proposal to submit to a potential funder. The video shows my program director introducing our project to Ukrainian government officials.

I’ve been keeping in touch with my organization, The Luhansk Regional Mediation Group (LRMG) since this past summer. LRMG has not been notified whether our proposals has been approved, yet! Hopefully, we will heard something soon!


BLOG LINK: Leadership and Management

Industrial Organizational Psychology: Leadership and Management

Here’s a I/O blog that I came across today! I read a couple of posts addressed to management and leadership. The posts aren’t consistent, but useful information….

Employee Satisfaction and Engagement: I-Impact

While Hurricane Sandy moved at a destructive pace, I decided to research the impact of leadership on employee engagement. I came across an case study within a book chapter entitled Promoting Employee Engagement by Tabitha Moore. The author examined the effects of I-Impact techniques on employee engagement. Tabitha Moore facilitated the implementation of I-Impact as an Organizational Effectiveness Manager with ARAMARK Health-care. According to the author, the hospital began notice significant results within a year.

I-Impact uses a set of tools (based on the Appreciative Inquiry model) to guide leadership in the development of a positive work environment and to promote employee engagement.

I-Impact Tools and Techniques 

  • Employee rounding
  • Thank-you notes
  • Stoplight Reports
  • Peer interviewing
  • High-Middle-Low Conversations

These tools seem to be very useful in the health-care industry, but the majority of the tools can transition across all industries to promote employee engagement. Of course, every organization/organizational culture is different and the tools should be catered to the specific situation. With that being said… It would be interesting to observe the implementation of the I-Impact tools in different industries and organizations. Overall, pretty common sense initiatives mixed with some great insight and innovative ideas.

Moore, T. (2011). Promoting employee engagement. In J. A. Wolf, H. Hanson, M. J. Moir (Eds.) , Organization development in health care: High impact practices for a complex and changing environment (pp. 133-145). Charlotte, NC US: IAP Information Age Publishing.