Systems Thinking

Dr. Russell Ackoff discusses systems theory. In I/O, we must be aware of the system and what each function may mean to the rest of the elements within the system. Dr. Ackoff’s analogy of the automobile is very fitting while I thought of the system such as a human body. Of course, I became excited when Dr. Ackoff referenced a human brain later on in the video. Enjoy!


White Paper: Reducing Turnover & Retaining Employees

In my professional career and my studies, I have asked myself various questions about turnover:

  • Is turnover a significant issue within I/O psychology and organizations?
  • In what ways do organizations feel the affects of high turnover rates?
  • How much does employee turnover actually cost organizations?

I decided to research the effects of turnover on organizations and the best practice to reduce turnover.

Here’s a link to my White Paper: Tackling Turnover


Welcome to my blog on! This is my very first post! I am excited to say that I am a graduate student at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology studying Industrial/Organizational Psychology. The majority of my professional experience has been in education and mental health. I’m currently looking to transitioning into I/O related job positions.

I’ve wanted to blog about my I/O interests for some time now. I plan to post great articles, videos, case studies, projects, as well as anything dealing with I/O psychology.

Hope you will enjoy!